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Scanning EnablerTM for Office 365
30th May 2014

Scanning Enabler for Office 365 (v1.0.0.1) has been added to the Microsoft SharePoint Store.

v7.x Screencasts.
27th February 2014

SAVE Paper Docs 2014 Screencasts are now available.

Online Trial Site updated to v7.x Beta.
3rd November 2013

Please use our Online Tryout Server to evaluate our v7.x release. Notice that our v7.x release can be deployed to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Servers.

Contact us to sign up to our v7.x Beta program.
23rd October 2013

Contact us soon and we will provide you with the assistance you need to upgrade to our v7.x release.

Post your user stories on our Facebook page. Let us know how you are taking advantage of our products.
10th October 2012

This is a link to new our Facebook page.

SAVE Paper Docs Screencasts available
30th September 2012

A dozen new screencasts have been created for the SAVE Paper Docs product page.

SAVE Paper DocsTM product launched
1st September 2012

Our Scanning Enabler v6 product update has been formally released. This product has so improved we have had to change its name as it does so much more than scan.

SAVE Paper DocsTM supports Scanning, Annotation, Viewing and Editing.

For more details see the SAVE Paper Docs product page.

For customers who have v5 of our Scanning Enabler and also v5 Software Assurance you can put the new release into production at no extra cost.

Annotation Added to Scanning Enabler
3rd February 2012

Our Scanning Enabler product now includes a yellow highlighing, redaction and crop functions.

Index documents you have already uploaded to SharePoint and update them at the same time.

Checkout, Checkin and Undo Checkout to commit or rollback updates.

PaperWork Enabler Two Step Scan
22th December 2011

Our PaperWork Enabler product now includes support for Scanning. A Two Step Scan feature has been added.

PaperWork Enabler price due to increase January 2012
12th December 2011

Our PaperWork Enabler product price is due to increase in January 2012.

No scanner, no problem
11th November 2011

Need to test a dark blue product? Do not have any scanning hardware to hand? You can use this Sample Data Source to get you going.

Dark Blue Duck v5 Price List
18th October 2011

Our v5 product price list is now available. Since the start of this year we have been extending the Dark Blue Duck products. The Routing Coversheet Service has been replaced by the PaperWork Enabler v5 which is now our flagship product. Support for Indexing has been added to the Scanning Enabler and there is also support for document splitting and merging. Use the Scanning Enabler to delete pages from a paper document or to update pages in-place (using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari). Customers who purchased the v4 Software Assurance products will be happy that the v5 products are available on time (before the end of the year). Our best kept secret has been our agressive product pricing plans. Now there is no excuse for any SharePoint user to do without time saving and error reducing paperwork supporting features.

Dark Blue Duck in the Cloud
23th September 2011

Our PaperWork as a Service offering allows you to run all of our web based products on a dedicated hosted SharePoint 2010 Foundation Server. We will take care of the software upgrades and the backups. You can use Microsoft SharePoint Designer to create custom paper workflows.

Index Documents
8th May 2011

The Dark Blue Duck Scanning Enabler v5.x Indexing feature is now available for download and testing. This feature adds an "Index Document" button to the SharePoint Ribbon. Use this feature to set SharePoint Column values for scanned documents already uploaded to SharePoint. Ideal for multifunction device users and email enabled document libraries. Scanning Enabler v4.x Software Assurance is required to run this feature properly.

Web Site Update
24th January 2011

After five years of faithful service our web site is getting a Spring Clean.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) is removed in Microsoft Office 2010.
12th December 2010

Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 provided an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that could be used to create searchable PDF documents. In Office 2010 the Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) component has been removed. For our version 4.x products it will be necessary for customers to use MODI in 2007 Office together with Office 2010. see: Alternative methods to regain the functionalities of Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI).

Customers who have purchased v4.x Software Assurance have an alternative. Our v5.x products (due for release in 2011) include a 3rd party OCR Engine that performs better than MODI did.

Dark Blue Duck Document Service 5.x Beta Available
11th December 2010

Creating searchable pdf files, recognising barcodes and automating workflow tasks requires some effort. Our Dark Blue Duck Document Service is a Windows Server Service that adds OCR, barcode recognition and support for batch processing to our Scanning Enabler, Workflow Enabler and Routing Coversheet products. It also allows Enterprise Architects to spread the OCR, barcode recognition and file conversion work across a number of servers.

A license for our Routing Coversheet, Workflow Enabler or Scanning Enabler product is required to use this Dark Blue Duck product.

Dark Blue Duck SharePoint Blob Storage Products Launched
20th November 2010

Our Object Storage and File Storage products are now generally available. As large and small organizations move internal documents from file servers to SharePoint these products will be essential.

Upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
12th October 2010

Our Scanning Enabler product is deployed as a Microsoft SharePoint solution. This makes it much easier for our customers to move from one version of SharePoint to another. At the moment a number of our customers are moving from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The approach we recommend is straightforward.

  1. Uninstall the v3.x Scanning Enabler solution from your SharePoint 2007 servers
  2. Upgrade your SharePoint Servers to SharePoint2010
  3. Install the v4.x Scanning Enabler solution onto your SharePoint 2010 servers

If you upgrade in place and have purchased and activated a v3.x software assurance license you will not need to activate your licenses again (this is by design).

If you are moving to completely new hardware you should send us an email describing what you would like to do. In the email please include details of the email address/web site account your licenses are associated with. An administration fee may apply. Of course this would be a good time to consider purchasing a v4.x sofware assurance license to extend the protection of your investment until December 2011.

How to Install on SharePoint 2010
9th October 2010

Our Scanning Enabler v4.x is now generally available. Here is a Screencast that shows how to install the product.

Downgrade Rights v4.x Downgrade Rights
3rd July 2010

Some v4.x licenses include Downgrade Rights. Downgrade Rights allow customers to use prior versions of our products.

v3.x Software Assurance offer ending
23nd June 2010

The v3.x Software Assurance license offer comes to an end this month.

Scanning Enabler 2010 Announced
22nd June 2010

We are delighted to announce that our Scanning Enabler 2010 products are now available in Beta and for online trial. Login to our demonstration web site and test out our new products online.

Cheshire West & Chester Council
28th April 2010

UK local government case study now available.

SharePoint 2010 Beta 1
21st November 2009

We have been working on a SharePoint 2010 version of our Scanning Enabler products for a few months now. Here is a Sneak Peek.

Case Studies
19th October 2009

We have added a Customer and Partner Case Study section to our web site. See what other Dark Blue Duck Customers and Partners are up to.

Edit Scanning Enabler Documents using SharePoint
21st June 2009

The Scanning Enabler now has integrated support for Editing Scanned documents. Open an existing Scanned document, modify it, update the column values and save back to SharePoint without leaving the SharePoint web page.

Added Support for Business Data Catalog
8th June 2009

The Scanning Enabler now Supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business Data Catalog (BDC) Columns.

Reduce size of Scanned Documents Saved to SharePoint.
6th June 2009

The Scanning Enabler Capture Application now supports Resampling. Reduce Color Depth, Resolution and File Size of Scanned Documents as they are saved to SharePoint.

PartnerPartner Program Launched
18th April 2009

Dark Blue Duck have launched a Partner Program. Partners qualify for price discounts.

Optical Mark Recognition Feature Added
12th April 2009

The Dark Blue Duck Scanning Enabler Capture application includes Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to read the values of check boxes on scanned documents and forms. See our Optical Mark Recognition screencast to see how this new feature can be used.

Screencasts Updated
10th April 2009

Review our updated screencasts to see how we have updated the Scanning Enabler Suite to work better together.

Watch Folder Feature Added To Capture
12th January 2009

You are uploading a scanned Affidavit to your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (recognising and then adding OCR text in the process). At the same time you are scanning in a Statement of Claim using your desktop scanner. Then someone uses the network attached Multifunction Printer to drop a third document into a Watch Folder on your desktop.

The Scanning Enabler Capture application will start loading in the third document while it keeps the first two tasks going without missing a beat. The Scanning Enabler Capture Application status bar will keep you informed of how all three tasks are progressing. See: here

Scanning Enabler Online Tryout Site Relaunched
6th January 2009

Our online tryout site has been relaunched. The site is now hosted on a Windows Server 2008 (x64) machine running MOSS 2007. Use your Dark Blue Duck web site credentials to access the site. The online tryout site has the main Scanning Enabler product installed and the Routing Coversheet Service running.

With the Routing Coversheet Service on the online tryout site it is now possible to e-mail or fax documents directly to user defined document library folders (and SharePoint list items) using Dark Blue Duck barcode coversheets or barcode labels. E-mail test documents to The fax number for the online tryout site is: +1-206-600-7351.

Create a Dark Blue Duck web site login (if you don't already have one) and use the new online tryout site to test out the Dark Blue Duck products using your office fax machine or your e-mail enabled Multifunction Printer.

Scanning Enabler 3.x licenses now available
12th December 2008

Dark Blue Duck are delighted to announce availability of our 3.x product licenses. Customers who have purchased 2.x Software Assurance licenses will be pleased to know that a 2.x product license plus a matching 2.x software assurance license is equivalent to a new 3.x product license.

Customers purchasing 3.x licenses and customers with existing 2.x Software Assurance can now purchase 3.x Software Assurance licenses that will protect their Scanning Enabler product investment through to the end of 2010.

Notice that we will provide customers who purchased 2.x licenses this month (December 2008) with an upgrade to the 3.x licenses at no cost.

Printed Barcode Labels
7th November 2008

Attach a printed barcode label to an existing document and use a Multifuction device to send the document to exactly the right part of your SharePoint Site. See how here.

Hardware and Software Recipes
18th October 2008

Architectural Guidance is now available. We have created a Hardware and Software Recipes guide.

Scanning Enabler SDK
27th September 2008

A Scanning EnablerTM Software Development Kit (SDK) is available. A sample project is described here.

Select OCR Language
20th September 2008

Specify the Optical Character Recognition Language with the Dark Blue Duck Scanning Web Page.

New Code Signing Certificate Required
1st September 2008

The Code Signing Certificate used to sign the Dark Blue Duck ActiveX Control has expired. Please download and install the latest release to address this issue.

TechEd Australia 2008
21st August 2008

Dark Blue Duck are exhibiting at TechEd Australia in Sydney next month. Come along and say hello. Our brochure is available here.

IT-Dev partnership agreement signed
30th July 2008

We congratulate IT-Dev for agreeing to distribute and support the Scanning EnablerTM 2007 products in Poland. Please contact IT-Dev for details

Scanning EnablerTM Capture application released
26th May 2008

Use our Scanning EnablerTM Capture Desktop application to bulk load your paper documents to SharePoint. Select a Content Type and specify "Indexing" Site Column properties for multiple scanned documents at one time. The intuitive user interface reduces your training costs.

Use barcode pages to specify a SharePoint Content Type and one or more Site Column Values (metadata)
8th May 2008

Use our Content Type and Site Column Value sheets to add metadata to your paper documents.

Multifunction printers welcome here
31st March 2008

Use your shared Multifunction printer (MFP) with the Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM Coversheet Routing Service.

Want to Share your Desktop Scanner with others?
15th March 2008

Do you have only one desktop scanner in the office? You can now use the Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM Scanner Sharing program to share it. Our Scanner Sharing program allows others to use the Scanning EnablerTM at their desk even if they don't have a desktop scanner of their own.

We have added the Scanner Sharing program to our online tryout site and created a step by step guide.

MOSS MySite Support
14th March 2008

We have added support for MOSS MySites.

Image stamping added to Scanning EnablerTM
29th February 2008

We have added a number of options to the Scanning Settings page. One of these new options allows users to specify a "stamp" that will be applied to pages in all scanned documents.

Thumbnail view added to Scanning EnablerTM
28th January 2008

View your scanned pages as thumbnails using this enhancement.

Small and Medium Business Editions
30th December 2007

The Dark Blue Duck team have launched a small business edition and a medium business edition of the Scanning EnablerTM.

Batch scanning now supported
2nd December 2007

The Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM now supports batch scanning. This feature allows you to upload multiple scanned documents to SharePoint at one time. Separate scanned documents with blank pages or use a Dark Blue Duck scanning separator page. We will be adding batch scanning to our trial edition in the New Year.

Add Scanning Enabler to your Hosted SharePoint Site
26th November 2007 are providing the Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM on their hosted SharePoint sites. They have produced a sliverlight video to introduce their customers to be benefits of the the Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM.

Attach a scanned document to a SharePoint List Item
5th November 2007

You can now use the Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM to attach scanned documents to SharePoint List Items. Click here to try.

Microsoft Office OCR added
1st October 2007

At Dark Blue Duck we have added Optical Character Recognition support to our Scanning Enabler product (allowing the Scanning EnablerTM to create SharePoint "searchable" scanned documents out-of-the-box). For a demo of the new feature click here and login to find all of the pdf files in our online demonstration site with the words 'blue duck' in them.

Multilingual support
12th September 2007

Dark Blue Duck are adding support for French, German and other languages to our Scanning EnablerTM product. Click German or French.

Online tryout
29th April 2007

Dark Blue Duck have created a way for you to try our Scanning EnablerTM product from the comfort of your laptop. Click here to learn more.

SharePoint 2007 product line launched
31st March 2007

Dark Blue Duck have released the Scanning EnablerTM 2007.

case study

Add Paper Workflow to SharePoint 2013
scanning enabler

The PaperWork EnablerTM Product adds Content Types, Workflow Actions and Document Conversion Services to Microsoft SharePoint.

Scanning Enabler Trial

Want to know more? Go to the PaperWork EnablerTM Product Page

Scan, Annotate, View and Edit Paper Documents in SharePoint 2013
SAVE Paper Docs

The SAVE Paper DocsTM Product enhances SharePoint adding support for scanning and updating paper documents without leaving the SharePoint user interface. Use SharePoint's search feature to find a scanned document.

SAVE Paper Docs

Want to know more? Go to the SAVE Paper DocsTM Product Page

Want to try first?  Register with us and download trial SharePoint software from Dark Blue Duck.

The reason I decided to post on this particular add-on is that I could see the immediate value from the capacity to take desktop scanning to SharePoint Products and Technologies, seamlessly and transparently.
Bill Baer (Technology Architect and Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2007 at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington)
The routing page thing is a really killer idea.
Hafthor Stefansson (Consultant -
You want to scan stuff into SharePoint cool!
Angus Logan (Technical Product Manager -